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Boris Ivkov

is a visual artist specializing in the art of the feminine figure and nudes and he was born in 1974 in Neuwied, Germany.


During his youth he lived in Croatia where he developed a passion for art and was a member of many creative art groups. As civil war engulfed Yugoslavia, Boris returned to Germany in 1992.  While attending technical university at Kaiserslautern he never forgot his love of art.  Due to financial difficulties he was forced to leave university and commence working.  Regardless of how difficult the time became, Boris continued to paint. 


Over many years he perfected his craft and artistic skill.  His artistry demonstrates the fascination he has always felt for the female form.  He paints breathtaking images of women with sympathy and rare understanding. His works have been on exhibition and are collected worldwide.  Moreover, several pieces are being reproduced as limited edition prints by a gallery and nude art publisher in Offenburg. Currently, Boris is a member of The Guild Of Erotic Artists.






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